Metal Roof System

We take pride in restoring metal roofs and extending their lifespan

The metal roof system is quite popular and a good number of commercial and residential properties have metal roofs. One of the reasons that property owners prefer metal roofing is due to the lasting value that it offers. There are different types of roofing systems that you can choose from. However, over time even metal roofs can develop issues. The metal can start to oxidize, causing weak spots. The roof panels themselves may start to shift apart due to expansion and contraction from weather. The seams between the panels are then exposed to the elements and can start to leak. In addition, the fasteners used to attach the panels may start to back-out, leaving weak spots for water to run through. All of these problems can wind up costing you thousands of dollars in damages and lost product. We here at Triple Y Roofs have the solution. 

Metal Roof Repair Ohio

When you are faced with an issue on your metal roof, we at Triple Y Roofs are proud to offer a solution. Conklin Roofing Systems have developed a product to coat metal roofs and extend their lifespans. Instead of trying to pinpoint leak after leak, or doing a complete tear-off, allow Triple Y Roofs to restore your metal roof to like new. With our enhanced metal roof coating, we will eliminate any problems that can occur by giving your roof a seamless coat that can bend and flex with the elements. In addition, applying our Metal Roof Coating enhances the properties of the metal by reflecting more UV light. This does two things: saves you on energy costs, and extends the life of your metal roof. By waterproofing, and reducing UV light, the metal will wear down at a much slower rate, giving you even more value from your roof. 

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